• Spirit-infused Ice Cream •

Fresh and Tasty

• Fresh & Tasty •

Ice Cream is a Joy

At Sly Fox Creamery, ice cream is never dull. Enjoy your choice of handcrafted spirit-infused
or non-alcoholic ice cream, affogatos, (espresso over ice cream) and pup cups for your furry friends.

Our delightfully tasty flavors are made from quality ingredients. 

Picture your favorite ice cream kicked up a notch…it tastes even better!

You’ll crave more! 

best time for ice cream is always!

SINCE 2022


made fresh daily

ice cream is even better kicked up a notch!

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• Since 2022 •

Our story

Sly Fox Creamery is a locally, family-owned, spirit-infused ice creamery. We started out in our small kitchen making delightfully tasty homemade ice cream with quality ingredients in 2022.
Then we kicked it up a notch with spirits and it tasted even better! Today we are happy to share our culinary creations with you, still fresh and made with a lot of love.