Seasonal Menu

Our mouthwatering menu is chalk full of seasonal flavors.

Our ice cream is prepared with quality ingredients and locally sourced when possible.


1. Canadian Mountie

Maple ice cream with Canadian whiskey and candied walnuts

2. Cheeky Breakfast

Oatmeal ice cream with cinnamon and dark rum soaked raisins

3. The Don

Espresso ice cream with rum, irish cream and coffee liqueur and dark chocolate bits

4. The Irishman

Vanilla ice cream with Irish whiskey, ginger snaps and chocolate covered ginger pieces

5. Lemon Drop

Lemon ice cream with marshmallow vodka, Limoncello and marshmallow cream swirls

6. The Alamo

Dark chocolate ice cream with tequila and cayenne pepper

7. Monkey’s Uncle

Banana ice cream with dark rum, banana whiskey and vanilla wafers

8. The Nutty Professor

Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter whiskey, vodka and peanut butter cups 

9. One Hot Cookie

Snickerdoodle ice cream with cinnamon whiskey 

10. Southern Charm

Vanilla ice cream with bourbon, candied pecans and a salted caramel swirl

Ice Cream

Choose from our many different
tasty flavors in 1/2 pints

$6.00 - $7.00


Two ice cream scoops with a pour over of two shots of espresso. Yum!
$6.00 - $7.00